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SMM 2024 – Venite a trovarci:
Padiglione A1 | Stand 533

Ottenete subito il vostro codice voucher per l’ingresso scontato – risparmiate 35 EUR

SMM 2024 – Venite a trovarci:
Padiglione A1 | Stand 533

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    Cosa dicono i nostri clienti

    hong kong express, hapag-lloyd, filtro di lubrificazione cjc

    „The CJC® Lube Oil Purifiers are proved as a reliable and efficient alternative for lube oil care during the excessive test periods on both vessels, which are accompanied by MAN Energy Solutions. Due to the continuous oil care the oil cleanliness, as well as the performance of the lube oil, is kept in the specified areas (viscosity, additives, base number, particle and water content) or improved (e. g. dispersancy). The high savings potential regarding
    oil losses, energy costs and CO2 -emissions are convincing – even as retrofit. An easy system with large effect

    Scarica il rapporto sulla pratica —Olio lubrificazione, Motore diesel a 2 tempi

    Superintendent, Hapag-Lloyd AG
    filtro idraulico, colombo express

    „Nothing but the installation of the CJC® Fine Filters enabled us to meet the requirements of the ME-hydraulic system.

    Scarica il rapporto sulla pratica —Olio idraulico, motore diesel

    Superintendent, Hapag-Lloyd AG
    Nave di carico con sistema di cura dell'olio CJC®

    „Le nostre esperienze con il funzionamento e la sostituzione del filtro sono eccellenti! Abbiamo pesato l’inserto del filtro usato. Il peso netto drenato era di 49,2 kg – vale a dire, in totale ,che il filtro dell’olio CJC® ha rimosso più di 38 kg di sporco. L’olio lubrificante del motore sulla membrana di prova è marrone e non più nero! Il filtro dell’olio CJC® è davvero efficiente :)!“

    Leggi il caso applicativo del cliente — Olio lubrificazione, Motore diesel a 4 tempi

    Ispettore tecnico, Cargo vessel „MV EIDSVAAG VEGA“
    filtrazione olio di lubrificazione, motore diesel

    „I recommend that our LO separators are left ashore and that CJC® Filters are purchased also for the other main engines. The bonus of doing so will be that we will not have to operate these separators, which is both costly and time consuming. A quick estimate shows that in a year these two LO separators produced 280 m³ of sludge (8 L of sludge per change, 4 changes per hour). Part of this sludge is lubricating oil, and this means that we will also reduce our consumption of lubrication oil considerably. By getting rid of this amount of sludge we will also save considerable amounts for spare parts for the incinerator and the bilge water system, and diesel for burning of this sludge – not to mention the positive effect to the environment that would be an extra bonus.“

    Technical Inspector:
    „I have sailed as a chief engineer for many years, and have good experience with
    the CJC® Filters, so I was not surprised to see the effect of the filters. We are now going to install similar filters on the 3 other engines of the Bourbon Mistral, and on all 4 engines of the sister ship, the M/S Bourbon Monsoon!“

    Scarica il rapporto sulla pratica —Olio lubrificazione, Motore diesel a 4 tempi

    Ingegnere capo, Bourbon Offshore Norwegen
    filtrazione olio di lubrificazione, motore principale, diesel elettrico, traghetto

    „The installation of the CJC oil filter has been an absolutely positive experience. The quality of the oil is as good as it was before, well, actually better in all aspects. The appearance of the oil has changed from dark to light and looks like new oil. We are saving person-hours and chemicals we used to clean the centrifuge and have less of a mess in the engine room. We are saving on sludge production. The centrifuge is discharging every hour. For cleaning, we use displacement water. The oil loss generated during centrifugation contaminates the water. The formed sludge consists of approx. 0.2 litre of oil (oil loss) and approx. 2.5 litres of water (cleaning) and goes directly into the sludge tank. With 8,700 discharges annually, this corresponds to 1,740 litres of oil and 21,750 litres of water. The costs to dispose of the sludge amounted annually approx. EUR 2,013. On top of that, we are saving a lot of lube oil. The oil loss during centrifugation and when the centrifuge fails amount to approx. 2,500–3,000 litres annually. At the cost of approx. 1.34 EUR per litre, we save EUR 3,356 – 4,027 each year. In all aspects, a good investment, and if we are not switching to battery / electrical propulsion, we will definitely also install oil filters on engines DG1 and DG2.

    Scarica il rapporto sulla pratica —Olio lubrificazione, Motore diesel elettrico

    Senior C/E, Scandlines